Charlie Bryan is a photographer and videographer who documents and explores environments and space as a framework of our existence.

BMW i8: A Study in FormTitle                                                                                       
Year 2016
Collaboration withRedwan El-Harrak

Benoit Jacob's emphasis on pushing forward the evolution of automotive design is examined in a micro perspective. The art direction is guided by the high end aesthetic of the BMW i8 itself, while drawing inspiration from Studio Amos Fricke and Deutsche und Japaner.


Title Correlation
Year 2016
Exhibited Circuit Unlocks Digital, The Junction, 2016
Collaboration withNaomi Harwin

An alternative take on an Artists profile, presenting the studio environment and workings of Naomi Harwin. The video goes on to draw comparisons between Naomi's illustrations and forms and Charlie's photography of like minded settings. See video below.

Title Observation
Year 2014
Exhibited MA Show, Norwich University of the Arts, 2014
Digital Factory, Firstsite, 2016
Circuit Unlocks Digital, The Junction, 2016
Collaboration withRedwan El-Harrak

A video essay and series of photos that explore the relationship between the natural and man made. Both states are tied in with the idea of frameworks and grid systems that enable environments to become occupied and built upon. See video below.

Title A Piece of the Earth
Year 2016
Collaboration withRedwan El-Harrak

These are all fragments of that very mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam that Carl Sagan made note of. Each with its own character, but all inextricably linked to one another. Just like us.